Date Description
19th Feb 2024 Updated scripts after PHP update and added a new gallery with pregnant ladies in space.
13th Mai 2017 Moved all sites to an even faster server infrastructure.
18th Feb 2014 Fixed the affiliate login caused by a deprecated function after a PHP update.
8th Jan 2013 There are now over 280 FHG's online in our affiliate area to enable great business with your traffic.
6th Feb 2012 Sites were moved without interruption to a brand new, even faster webserver containing state of the art technology.
11th Jan 2012 We wish you all the best for the new year 2012 and great success. Btw. we now offer over 250 FHG's and this value still increases.
12th Aug 2011 Summer holidays are over and we are back working on new galleries and on the affiliate program.
4th Jan 2011 A great tool is online now to let you mass export FHG galleries including link with your affiliate code and description in selectable size.
21th Sep 2010 Preview porn videos on the Teens In Space Tour are now watchable directly in the browser.
28th Apr 2010 Optimized the join page of Sexy Olympics to validate fully using the W3C Markup Validation Service.
16th Jan 2010 The server infrastructure was upgraded for even better performance under heavy traffic conditions.
14th Oct 2009 Created preview of the latest added galleries on the news page to see what's new.
22nd May 2009 Massively optimized website code and CSS stylesheet of Popp-O-Mat and Swisscum for better look and browser compatibility.
1st May 2009 Optimized affiliate website code and CSS stylesheet to speed up display of pages in the browser.
27th Dec. 2008 Added nice and new Cheerleading and Fucking Bikes categories to the Sexy Olympics website.
6th Nov. 2008 Optimized all free hosted Popp-O-Mat galleries to validate successfully with W3C Markup Validation Service.
20th Sep. 2008 In the affiliates area (after logged in), added preview thumbs to the galleries showed in FHG-Manager. This gives a great overview, but can be switched off for faster browsing if your internet connection is slow.
6th Sep. 2008 Added this affiliate news page to keep you updated with what's going on.
2th Sep. 2008 Great name change: The "Teens In Space - Affiliate Program" becomes "NEILA Cash - Affiliate Program".
Everything else stays the same and - of course - all your links and ID's stay working as they should, so no changes are required at all!

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